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From Frustration to Flow: Finding Integrity in Sales

This teaches Influencers to understand and implement the critical communication elements and drivers needed to elegantly present solutions and gain buy-in so that the journey from proposal to sign off runs smoothly.

Master the Mindset of a Confident Closer

Are you constantly fighting your ‘itty-bitty-shitty-committee’ while trying to find the motivation to grow your client portfolio and career?

Achieving results in business today involves more strategic and interpersonal skills than in years gone by. This session allows Influencers to understand and implement the critical elements of communication that enable you to identify, elicit, lead, and close opportunities while deepening the trust of your stakeholder or client.

Getting to Yes: Practical Techniques to Confidently Engage and Influence Stakeholders

In any role you are likely to work with multiple stakeholders, each of whom has a different interest in your work. It is vital that you can communicate effectively with each of these in order to present solutions, get buy-in, earn trust, and deliver joint outcomes.

This workshop will enable you to identify the objectives and objections of stakeholders, set appropriate expectations, and push-back when required.

Critical Thinking: Developing the Mindset that Helps You Prosper in Uncertain Economic Times

Accurately discerning emerging economic patterns is a useful technique for preparing for uncertainty. Choosing to develop the skills and resilience that will enable you to make wise decisions when things go pear-shaped is even more important because change and down-turn is inevitable in our current environment of innovation and technological change.

Confident Closing: Sales Secrets that Grew a Business by 400% in Six Months and How They Can Work for You!

The topic of Chandell’s popular book and a multi-session course, confident closing teaches even the most reluctant salespeople how to interest others in their product or series, make them truly eager to possess it, and then to get them to sign the contract.

Many people believe they have a deal and are shocked when it falls through at the last minute. The book and course will not only help you make that experience a thing of the past, but will also help you release any limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back in any area of life.

Sales Growth Accelerator: Skyrocketing Your Sales

This comprehensive 13-week program focuses on all the essential elements required to build a stellar sales team. It addresses the activities, mindset, and training of high-performing teams including the key areas of selection, evaluation and management.

When every member of your team is 100% focused on strategic activity, fully aware of the value your product or service delivers, and ready to acknowledge when the context is not appropriate, then they are confident of making the sale… and their results reflect that confidence.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level Certifications

These two multi-day intensive courses provide certifications in NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis and provide graduates with the skills and confidence to use these techniques effectively in business and personal settings.

NLP focuses on the science of communication… with ourselves and with others and helps us to regain control of ourselves and our environment and create positive outcomes for those around us.

Harnessing the Power of Emotion in Your Goal Setting 80/20

Chandell Labbozzetta

Chandell is not only an engaging and highly sought after speaker on building high-performing teams, improving communication, and accelerating sales, but she is a pleasure to work with at events.

A consummate professional, she asks all the questions at when the booking is confirmed to ensure that she addresses the needs of your audience and fully engages their attention. Whether she is making a single presentation, delivering a multi-day in-depth training, or anything in between she has a real talent for holding the attention and interest of her audience, ensuring that they receive the greatest possible benefit.

Her extensive personal sales experience both as a sales representative and as a manager and trainer of corporate sales teams makes her uniquely qualified to speak to both the day-to-challenges of sales teams, and the more subtle sales messages required by executives and other professionals. As a result of her deep immersion in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching, Hypnosis, Negotiation, and Language Implementation she has many tools which she uses to engage participants in her keynotes, seminars, and training courses.


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Host / Co-Presenter Testimonials

Jay Chapman ZING Business Coaching

"NLP gave me the insight into other people’s minds that I needed to help me discover what they really want and… in the process of giving them what they want, I get what I want."

Jeremy Streten

"Confident Closing program helped me to really get rid of the nonsense that was in my mind so that I was not only able to present well from stage, but actually sell from stage."

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Testimonials from Participants

A mix of video - focusing on how enthralling Chandell is and how much people learned ideally from different events.

LISA Conway, ZING Business Coaching

"Without Chandell's help I would have been what I call a nanna's rocking chair, going forward and back, forward and back, forward and back. And now, there's nothing stopping me."

Chandell and Teresa Labbozzetta co-founded LifePuzzle in 2009 to fulfil their goals to empower and enable as many people as possible to stop making excuses and take control of their lives through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and more. Today, the team has grown to include selected coaches and trainers who share their vision for work with individuals and businesses who want to achieve new levels of success – however they define that outcome.

Every member of the LifePuzzle team is committed to doing everything possible to help clients make the choices they need to improve their business, professional, career, personal and financial outcomes through coaching, training, and motivation.

LifePuzzle guarantees its work, because experience has shown that when clients participate fully in the process they get the results and outcomes they were anticipating.


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